Indoor Swapmeet of Stanton

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Celebrating 27 Years!!!  Sunny Southern California’s Best Swapmeet since 1987 Footsie Wootsie

Our Very Own Footsie Wootsie

Our Footsie Wootsie is located on the second floor near the beauty salon.

In our not so humble opinion our Footsie Wootsie offers the best foot massage in the world.

It might not look like much, (in fact many people do not even know what it is) but it is a powerful machine. It works by vibrating your feet until they feel new. In fact, this machine has such a cult following that we receive call from around the world asking to buy it. In case your curious…. It is not for sale.  

From the old website:

Footsie Wootsie™, a unique product offering a place to sit down and enjoy an energizing, invigorating foot massage, without removal of shoes.

This penetrating massage eases foot pain and soothes tired aching feet and even relaxes leg muscles.

Footsie Wootsie™ stimulates the circulation, leaving the user feeling relaxed and revitalized so they can continue on with their shopping, sight-seeing or work.